Constitutional documents and reports

PHA Europe has always paid attention to compliance and is conducting its activity in a prudent way. The most up-to-date by-laws together with the official proof of registration are available below.

Statutes and Registration:

Download Statutes (German)
Download Statutes (English translation)
Download Register of Association February 08, 2022 (German)

Registration number: ZVR-Zahl: 070826881

You can learn more about our financials and working plan from below.

Financial Reports

Financial Report 2020

Financial Report 2019

Financial Report 2018

Financial Report 2017

Financial Report 2016

Financial Report 2015

Financial Report 2014

Financial Report 2013

Financial Report 2012

Annual activity reports

Annual activity report 2020 and workplan 2021

Annual activity report 2017 and workplan 2018

Annual activity report 2016 and workplan 2017

Annual activity report 2015 and workplan 2016

Annual activity report 2014 and workplan 2015

Financial and activity reports