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Membership in PHA Europe

PHA Europe is an umbrella association. Our members are national PH associations. There are two main types of memberships: standard and non-standard members. Standard members are European national PH organizations recognized in their country as nonprofit associations. Non-standard members can be organizations with registered offices not in Europe (or with a primary interest which is not PH […]

Awareness campaigns

One of our main goals is to spread the information about PH to facilitate early diagnosis. It also helps for the wider community to better understand the difficulties PH patients are living with in their everyday life.

Advocacy/policy work

We participate in a great number of projects, partnerships, working groups and various task forces with the aim of ensuring better quality of life for the patients, best treatment and ultimately a cure for PH.

Capacity building program

White Spot Program When we started our «White Spot Program» several years ago, there were many European countries without a PH association. We called these countries «white spots» in Europe. We then decided we would help color the European map.

Collaborative Educational Programs

In partnership with our valued sponsors we provide educational materials, useful resources and various tools. These programs provides up-to-date information, and serve as a tool during local negotiations and campaigns.
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