Call to Action to improve Organ Donation and Transplantation across the EU – 2015

On the 18th of October 2016 a multi-stakeholder cross-condition meeting was held in the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss how to improve organ donation and transplantation across the EU, click here for full report. The EP event had an impressive media coverage, click here for the media report.

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Encourage other organizations to endorse and support the campaign

Spread the news and encourage other associations to participate. These can be:

  • Your own affiliate organisations
  • Other patient associations that may a have an interest in organ donation and transplantation
  • Any other organization with a focus on public health issues, including health authorities, academia, research institutes, medical professional societies.
  • Members of the European Parliament from your country

Share the key messages from the European Parliament event

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Share the CtA video

Add the PHAE Call to Action campaign logo to the home page of your website

  • Post the campaign logo on your the home page of your website
  • Add a hyperlink which takes you either to a dedicated page on your own website or to the PHA Europe website.

Add the PHAE Call to Action campaign logo to your signature on e-mails

Check with your webmaster if the campaign logo can be added to your signature on e-mail correspondance.

Support the PHAE campaign through your Facebook and Twitter social media channels

  • Post news and logo of the campaign on your Facebook and Twitter channels
  • Update these with any new developments or initiatives of your own association
  • Share transplant patient stories or short videos (eg. Vines) from your own association
  • Click “share” to PHA Europe Facebook posts on this topic, retweet or favorite any PHA Europe posts;
  • In general share/retweet/favorite any news on the social media related to organ donation and transplant.


Use the PHAE campaign hashtag #CALL4Transplant

Whevever you mention the Call to Action and campaign on your website, in social media posts or other, always make sure you use the hashtag #CALL4Transplant, which has the double meaning of the Call to Action and the actual call for transplant which patients receive when the time for surgery has arrived.

Support the campaign pledge

  • Take a picture with the pledge and share it on your organizations’s social media channels.
  • Send the photo to us at so we can also disseminate it.
  • You can find the pledge in the appendix

Talk about the campaign at your events

When you are holding one of your organisations events, you might consider speaking about the campaign. At a conference you might wish to add a slide or two about the campaign to your presentation or poster (see appendix with campaign materials).

Organize an event

Depending on your possibilities/time/workload you may consider the possibility of organising an event to celebrate EODD. Regardless of how big or small your event, the important thing is to raise awareness of organ donation and transplantation.

Consider media activity

This can be done in conjunction with an event (see above). Or else, you can take advantage of the momentum that will be generated by the European Organ Donation Day on October 10 to send out a press release or just contact a few journalists to speak of the Call to Action and campaign. See template press release below.

Inform us about what you are doing so that we can share this news!

Keep us informed of anything that is happening in your organization or country so that we can in turn share the news, tweet, retweet or favorite it on the PHAE website and social media channels.

Translate the PHAE Call to Action into other languages

The Call to Action can be translated into other languages so that your affiliates and national organization can use it for advocacy or awareness activities locally. We will provide translations, please write to


The campaign logo can be used for T shirts, hats, pens, canvas bags and other merchandising items to use at events or for any other awareness raising activities.

Logo, pledge, infographic and other material

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