PH Human

Maleen Fischer - Careers and HobbiesThe PH Human website is a platform that combines patient, carer and healthcare profession resources. These include the PH Human e-book, which contains facts, images and films that provide educational information about PH as well as practical guidance for patients, families and carers. The e-Book has been developed with input from patient group representatives from around the world to ensure it provides relevant and useful information for those affected by PH.

You can also find inspirational stories shared by people who live with PH. Visit the Careers and Hobbies section to read about their achievements in the working world but also across their interests and hobbies and access free motivational flyers which capture their stories.

The third section of this website hosts episodes from the PH Self-Management Webinar Series. The series comprises educational and discursive webinars held on a variety of topics related to PH, with the aim of sharing best practice examples and inspiring open dialogue between multidisciplinary team members and their patients. Visit the website to listen to the episode podcasts or to read the summary reports, which capture key insights from each episode.

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