Previous campaigns

PHA Europe and its members ran a handful of awareness campaigns with great success. We participated as charity partner in very famous series of sport events and kicked-off online activities, which attracted a lot of followers.


Gearing up for IRONMAN 2015 PHA Europe is excited to be the official charity partner of IRONMAN Frankfurt (July 5). 2015 marks our 3rd year of collaboration with the IRONMAN European Tour. 120 athletes have raced on behalf of PHA Europe wearing our branded racesuits. Hundreds more have visited our booth, completed the lung function […]

Selfie for PH

#SelfieforPH is an awareness raising initiative launched by the Greek PH association. The idea is to hold your breath, take a selfie and post it on the Facebook page of the campaign. PHA Europe actively supports this initiative through its social media and other communication channels. Help #SelfieforPH go viral, see:


Enhance awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension and send greetings with personalized e-postcards to friends, colleagues and loved ones! WPHD involves a variety of activities including the “Get Breathless for PH” and the “BREATHOFSUCCESS” campaign.

Time Matters Campaign

“Time matters” is a PHA Europe web campaign designed to raise awareness about the importance of TIME in PH: time to diagnosis, time to treatment, etc… It collects photos and posts from patients and family members in Europe and around the world. The website, which was originally set up in English, is available in 14 […]


New online community for PH! RareConnect, the Rare Disease Communities project, first started with a community for a little known disease group called CAPS. The project is part of the strategic partnership signed in 2009 between Eurordis (European Organization for Rare Diseases) and NORD (US National Organization for Rare Disorders).The 5-language platform now covers over […]


In this section you can find examples of other awareness campaigns conducted by PHA Europe and its members.
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