Breathe Vision 2030


Breathe for 2030 Vision

[The] (…) paper aims to create a Breathe Vision for 2030, reflecting the changes that lung patients want to see in their lives. The importance of these changes is reflected in the impact that lung health has on our general health. Lung health, particularly in children, is such an important factor in our current health and in predicting our future health that attention for healthy lungs is crucial in improving the overall health of our population.
From the preamble of the Vision Paper

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Nine lung patient groups, including PHA Europe and healthcare professionals across Europe started working on the position paper to outline their vision for the next decade. Each disease has its own and special aspects, however there are many common challenges which might be easier overcome with united advocacy work and efforts. As a result of a number of online discussions and drafting the Breathe Vision paper was compiled.


This collaboration evolved to the formal launch of the European Lung Health Group and identified four main topics, which should be kept on the agenda (in addition the lessons learnt from COVID-19 were also included)

  1. Raising awareness on respiratory disease
  2. Greater prevention of lung disease
  3. Getting the right care
  4. Advancing research into lung health

The Paper was officially launched on the 27th of January with the help of the MEP (Members of the European Parliament) Lung Health Group.

The launch event was hosted by MEP István UJHELYI (S&D/ Hungary) and MEP Željana Zovko (EPP/Croatia). Pierre Delsaux from the European Commission DG SANTE and Jill Farrington from WHO provided further insight to the vision paper. Following that Mikeala Odemyr (EFA) and Thierry Troosters (ERS) introduced the paper in more detail.

The patient associations involved in the forming of the Breath Vision 2030 had the chance to present the main parts of the vision and supplemented them by citing examples from their specific disease areas.

A short questions&answers followed these main parts and MEP Seán Kelly (EPP/Ireland) made the closing remarks.

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