Advocacy /policy work

We participate in a great number of projects, partnerships, working groups and various task forces with the aim of ensuring better quality of life for the patients, best treatment and ultimately a cure for PH.


In course of the advocacy work, PHA Europe is collaborating with many stakeholders, including but not limited to other non-governmental organizations, patient associations, consortia, scientific and professional associations, policy makers, decision making and health technology assessment bodies.

Useful links

Please find below some useful links. You can find sources of information about PH associations, other non-profit organizations as well as authorities, scientific societies and clinical trial registries.

COVID 19 questionnaire

In order to better understand the COVID pandemic effects on the care of PH patients and to help prepare for future challenges, a patient-centric survey has been started in the last days of May. The survey is the result of the collaboration of all of the stakeholders: thanks to the effort of the fellow patients […]