Mariposa Journal – 2017 Winter N.19

Mariposa Journal – 2017 Winter N.19

Dear members, friends and supporters,

welcome to the Winter 2017 edition of the Mariposa Journal. We are proud to report on the numerous projects and activities that our organisation has successfully carried in the course of the year to advance the cause of pulmonary hypertension (PH) patients in Europe. We are also very proud of the accomplishments of our member associations, who have been incredibly active in their respective countries in raising the profile of the disease in many different ways: by organising public awarenes sand educational events; advocating for affordable access to treament, life saving surgery and better standards of care; raising funds to finance PH research; developing support programs for patients and their families and, last but not least, in rallying politicians, health authorities, PH health care professionals, academia, sportsmen, celebrities and media to the cause.

PHAE – Mariposa Journal (2017 Winter N.19)

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