Everything was great, just a few multimedia issues. Doctors have provided a lot of interesting, relevant information. I also liked the news from representatives of drug manufacturers. I didn’t really like the election. (…) I believe that at least a few candidates must apply for

Bulgaria (PHA)

The most valuable thing I can do for our organization is to compare the level of patient care with other European countries. This happens every year at the annual meeting of PH Europa! The relationships and friendships that emerge during the forum are unique and


“nothing starts from nothing”; it was wonderful: the annual meeting, guests and members of associations; every year we learn new things.


APHEC was time to start again. The family reborn, a new cycle begins. It’s not time to give up but bring strengths together.


Atmosphere was fantastic, optimistic and relaxed. The amount of lectures was just right, we have enough time to rest.


Reunion of all the honorable PHA Europe members, placed on our very first fundamentals reminded me that a strong organisation is solely and exclusively the one which purpose is equality and full understanding to anyone.


„(…)deep gratitude to the organizers of the conference for the rich and fruitful program, its high professional level and the relevance of the topics(…)
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