Maleen Fischer
Contact Info
Maleen Fischer
Social Media Manager

Born on May 24th, 1995

Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications from Webster University Vienna and Master’s Degree in Creative Writing & Literature from Harvard University

Education and professional experience
Maleen graduated from Webster University Vienna and Harvard University Boston with honors. She has four years of experience working for the Non-Profit Organisation „Make-A-Wish Austria,“ where she lead the digital media team. As a Pulmonary Hypertension patient, diagnosed at the age of three-years-old, Maleen has now joined PHA Europe and overlooks all things Social Media.

PHA Europe position
Maleen joined PHA Europe’s staff in 2023 and works closely with BC Hub (a marketing/graphic design company based in Serbia) to conceptualize and provide professional Social Media content, text, and campaigns (e.g., the World PH Day Campaign).

Other patient advocacy positions
Maleen has been an awareness creator for Pulmonary Hypertension since she was diagnosed at an early age and published her first book about her journey with the disease in 2014. She has spoken about PH on multiple talk shows and in various print interviews.

Maleen is bilingual, speaking German and English. She also has basic knowledge of Spanish and Korean.

* Interview with World famous Mountaineer Reinhold Messner:
* Maleens Book: Hope Springs Eternal from 2014:

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