Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a chronic disease that affects the lungs and the heart and can be rapidly progressing, debilitating, and deadly. PHA Europe wants to support and help patients living with PH by providing information and improving awareness.
For pulmonary hypertension sufferers, it is vital to find the right doctor or specialist. Click on the relevant coloured field to filter the results by specialist. You can also click on a marker in the map for more information.

PH Centers

  • Narodny ustav srdcovych a cievnych chorob, a.s. Oddelenie zlyhavania a transplantacie srdca
    • Pod Krasnou horkou 1, 833 48 Bratislava
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  • Stredoslovensky ustav srdcovych a cievnych chorob,a.s.
    • Cesta k nemocnici 1, 974 01 Banska Bystrica
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  • Vychodoslovensky ustav srdcovych a cievnych chorob, a.s.
    • Ondavska 8, 040 11 Kosice
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Self help groups (local)

  • Zdruzenie pacientov s plucnou hypertenziou, o.z.
    • Lucenska 31, 990 01 Velky Krtis
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