Odd Erling Børstad
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Phone: +47 45616215
Odd Erling Borstad


Odd Erling Børstad
Age: 52 Civil status: Married

Likes absolutely all of physical activity
Loves human beeings, music, theatre and dance
Enjoys life

MediYoga Istructor 2018
Norwegian University of Sports Science, Cand.mag Sports 1992-94
NUSS, Oslo, Healthcare and Sports Biologi 1993-94
Norwegian University of Sports Science, Oslo, PE-Teacher 1992-93
University of Telemarkj, Bø, Sportsadministration 1989-90
Norwegian Navys Sports and Military academy, Bergen, Athletics/Seargent 1987-88
Hallingdal «folkehøgskole», Gol, Sports 1986-87
Namsos High School, Namsos, General Sports 1983-86

Practical experience
The LHL-Hosptal (Norwegian Heart and Lung hospital) Instructor 2007 -Td
Norwegian clinic for addictive treatment (PE Teacher) Hov i Land 2004-07
Reinsvoll Hospital, Psyciatric treatment/Addictive treatment/Sports 1994- 04
Norwegian Navy North CapeHonningsvåg, Sports and Welfareofficer 1988-89

Enjoys life