Monika Tschida
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Monika Tschida


Dear members,

I would like to apply as an auditor at PHA Europe.

After graduating from the HBLA for economic professions, I worked in my parents’ company until 2010 and managed the business until they retired.

Then I applied to Gerald Fischer’s executive assistant at the Alt Wiener Schnapsmuseum, where I am still employed full-time today.

Through this activity I also came to PH Austria and the Lungenkinder Forschungsverein, where I am now a member of the board and support many projects like the Zoorun and the GhosRun in Vienna and various other Awareness events and events for our members.

Now I would like to officially do this for PHA Europe, so I am applying for the post of auditor and hope that I can continue to actively support PHA Europe with it.

Monika Tschida