PHCARE patient questionnaire

PHCARE COVID-19 questionnaireIn order to better understand the COVID pandemic effects on the care of PH patients and to help prepare for future challenges, a patient-centric survey has been started in the last days of May.

The survey is the result of the collaboration of all of the stakeholders: thanks to the effort of the fellow patients the English version has been translated into 19 languages so far. The survey links have been already generated for the following languages:

EN –
ES –
FR –
PT –
DE –
IT –
CZ –
LV –
LT –
UA –
SK –
NL –
BG –

Our partners in the medical field validated the questionnaires and provide the platform and the analysis capacities.

The initiative is supported by ERN-LUNG – European Reference Network for rare respiratory diseases and endorsed by European Respiratory Society, European Society of Cardiology and European Lung Foundation.

We hope more and more patients will provide feedback until 06/21/2020, when the survey ends.

Please find more information at: